Navier–Stokes Turbine Heat Transfer Predictions Using Two–Equation Turbulence Closures

TitleNavier–Stokes Turbine Heat Transfer Predictions Using Two–Equation Turbulence Closures
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsAmeri AA, Arnone A
Conference Name28th AIAA/SAE/ASME/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference

Navier-Stokes calculations were carried out in order to predict the heat-transfer rates on turbine blades. The calculations were performed using TRAF2D which is a k-epsilon, explicit, finite volume mass-averaged Navier-Stokes solver. Turbulence was modeled using Coakley's q-omega and Chien's k-epsilon two-equation models and the Baldwin-Lomax algebraic model. The model equations along with the flow equations were solved explicitly on a nonperiodic C grid. Implicit residual smoothing (IRS) or a combination of multigrid technique and IRS was applied to enhance convergence rates. Calculations were performed to predict the Stanton number distributions on the first stage vane and blade row as well as the second stage vane row of the SSME high-pressure fuel turbine. The comparison serves to highlight the weaknesses of the turbulence models for use in turbomachinery heat-transfer calculations.


July 6–8, Nashville, TN, USA. AIAA paper 92–3067 (NASA TM 105817, ICOMP-92-14)