Design and Off-Design Optimization of Highly Loaded Industrial Turbine Stages

Contract no. ENK5-CT-2000-00065
Project no. NNE5-1999-20062
Coordinator: ABB Alstom Power (UK)

duration: 36 months
status: partner





Contractors: ABB Alstom Power (UK), ABB Alstom Power (S), Nuovo Pignone (I), KTH (S), University of Florence DEF (I)



Reduction of greenhouse gases in accordance with the Kyoto objective will be supported by the development of high efficiency industrial gas turbines. Improvements of 4% in turbine efficiency are targeted through better design rules and methodologies, which will have an impact of 3% in overall engine thermal efficiency move the small-medium gas turbine towards the 35% target. Improved capability to burn fuels with a large range of LCV and Dry Low Emissions systems, puts additional duties on the turbine which will be investigated in this programme, to ensure efficient, reliable and cost effective operation.
Industrial partners as well as academic institutions, using the relevant skills of each participant, will work on an area of turbine aerodynamics that are of particular interest to industrial gas turbines. Improvements to current performance of industrial turbine stages will be made through the study of data from existing experimental facilities, and incorporation of know how into new improved methods:

  • identification of key loss generation areas in highly loaded industrial turbines, including the effects of cooling and flowpath geometric features, using advanced CFD methods and evaluation of current loss correlation's at design and off design conditions.
  • generation of improved methods for the prediction of turbine component characteristics will be achieved through the acquisition of improved experimental data and complementary CFD studies. The use of simulation methods to optimize the performance of the engine and to develop appropriate control algorithms. This will result in improved designs giving better reliability, greater efficiency and reduce life cycle costs resulting in greater added value for the costumer. Methods will be developed to enable the full characterization of industrial turbine stages at off design conditions.
  • development of aero-mechanical tools appropriate for highly loaded industrial gas turbines.


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