Challenges in Predicting Row Interaction Effects in Axial Turbines

TitleChallenges in Predicting Row Interaction Effects in Axial Turbines
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsArnone A, Marconcini M, Pacciani R, Spano E
Conference Name33rd AIAA Fluid Dynamic Conference & Exhibit
Date Published06/2003
Conference LocationOrlando, Florida, USA
ISSN Number1087-7215
ISBN Number978-162410095-6
Other NumbersScopus 2-s2.0-33750859995
KeywordsClocking, Transition, Unsteady Flows

The exploitation of unsteady effects in turbomachinery as a way to enhance performance is a challenge that future design systems must cope with. In this work a time-accurate viscous solver was used to investigate on unsteady bladerows interaction in axial turbines. Such studies were aimed at providing physical insights into component interactions and at gaining performance benefits by introducing interaction-aware design tools. Applications of such concepts, concerning high-lift turbine flows and airfoil clocking in subsonic as well as in transonic conditions, will be presented and discussed.


June 23–26, Orlando, FL, USA, AIAA paper 2003-3994

Refereed DesignationRefereed